CompCon Archive

What was CompCon?

CompCon was a conference for Australian computer science, software engineering and information technology students. Unlike every existing Australian tech industry conference we could find, it was run exclusively by students, for students, and covered a broad range of topics including lots of deep technical content.

CompCon was started in 2013 by a group of undergraduate students at the Australian National University, with the help of the ANU Computer Science Students' Association.

In 2015 and 2016, CompCon was hosted at the University of Queensland with the help of UQ Robotics.

In 2018, CompCon Incorporated, the non-profit organisation started to host CompCon events, dissolved due to an inability to find volunteers to continue the organisational work required.

This archive preserves the conference websites in the hope that one day someone else might want to make it happen again!

Past CompCons


For any questions about CompCon or about this archive, please contact Andrew Donnellan.