Where: Advanced Engineering Building, (Building 49), The University of Queensland,
Dates: October 3-5, 2015. (Labour Day Long Weekend)
Times: 8:30am-5pm Saturday/Sunday, and 8:30am-1:00pm Monday.

Conference dinner: Women's College UQ, Saturday 3rd October. Pre-dinner networking from 5pm, seats taken from 6pm.
Developer Hacking Session: Sunday evening, 5-7pm.

Speakers times are being confirmed, with the current order shown below:



Company Sessions:

Red Hat
Technology One



Matthew Deshon - from TechnologyOne
Position: Cloud Product Owner and Evangelist
Talk: 'You can make a difference through software'. There are many different career paths available in the world of technology, but few offer the same scope of opportunity as the software industry. This presentation will explore a number of software success stories and show how you can make a difference in the world, while building a great career at the same time.

Michael Hideo - from Red Hat
Position: Michael Hideo has spent 19 years managing global software projects from Brisbane and has managed teams in the USA, India, Czech Republic, and China.
Talk: "Queensland: Solid State, Future Drive" - Observations on transforming our economy from rocks and crops to knowledge and know-how by embracing what makes Australian software teams unique in Asia.

Ismail Mohamed & Mike Pascale
Talk details: coming soon!
Bio (Ismail): Ismail is currently working as an engineer in the Cognitive Engineering Research Group at UQ, where he develops specialised Android apps on Google Glass and Vuzix head worn displays for healthcare settings. He graduated with first class honours in Electrical Engineering from UQ and is pursuing his PhD in signal processing and telecommunications on a part-time basis.
Bio (Mike): Shortly after completing his Masters in experimental neuropsychology in the US, Mike began his PhD at the University of Queensland. His current studies focus on the cognitive and perceptual potential for head-worn displays, like Google Glass, to be used in healthcare and other professional environments.

Saturday 1:00pm

Andrew Hatfield - from Red Hat
Position: Practice Lead - Cloud Storage and Big Data
Talk: Sharing key insights into life after university. The reality of the marketplace these days and the networking that needs to be performed.

Russell Keith-Magee
Talk: A look at the process of contributing to open source! Sometimes it's technical, sometimes it's social/political, but it's an important process to understand, and it's not always obvious as a newcomer or outsider.
Bio: Russell is a core developer of Django.

Saturday 2:00pm
Elizabeth McCarthy
Position: Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland
Seasonal Modelling in My Machine Learning Future

Elliot Smith
Position: CEO and co-founder of HSK Instruments
Talk: The internet of things is the latest technology buzzword. Are the hopes, fears and features fact or over hyped media? Is a world of connected toasters and pacemakers how do we create a future that users will embrace.

Saturday 2:30pm

Alex Ghiculescu
Position: CTO of Tanda (check out their website at:
Talk: Alex talks about how Tanda designed a domain specific programming language for payroll calculation. Which, despite how boring that sounds, was actually a lot of fun.

Randall Fernando
Talk: Introduction to predictive analysis.
Bio: Randall is a final year masters of IT student at UQ.

Saturday 3:00pm

Isabelle Flores
Position: Graduate developer at Atlasssian
Talk: This presentation explores the 5 most important insights into how you can transform an internship from just work experience to an incredibly valuable journey of learning, self-development and strengthening your ability to have a lasting impact.

Joshua Arnold
Position: UQ final year software engineering student.
Talk: On the DVS and bio-inspired computing (more details soon!).


Joel Addison - from TechnologyOne
Position: Graduate Developer
Talk: Next Generation Enterprise: Software as a Service (SaaS). Building software that is highly scalable and adapts to a global user base provides new challenges all the time. In this talk we investigate some approaches to ensuring software is continuing to meet customer demands as well as give some general software development tips for you to use on your next project.

Sunday 10:00am

Steven Cooper
Position: Developer Advocate Braintree payments
Talk: E-Commerce has made a massive impact on the web and forever transformed how the world does business allowing anyone in the world to transact in whole new ways. There is much to be learned from history and e-commerce is no exception, from the early days of ARPANET to the booming marketplaces of the 90s and beyond. In this talk we will look at how E-Commerce has grown over the years from humble beginnings to the billions it is now worth globally and how disruptive technologies like Braintree are opening up payments in whole new ways and allowing developers to create amazing applications and experiences for users. We will look at where we have come from and how PayPal has helped developers all over the world do amazing things in the ecom space.

Fraser Tweedale - from Red Hat
Position: Brisbane-based software engineer working on identity management and PKI projects at Red Hat.
Talk: Parametricity and other principles for professional programmers.

Matt D'Souza
Position: UQ embedded systems lecturer
Talk: Sensing the world around you.

Emma Kidman
Bio: Emma is a recent graduate and is currently employed by Boeing.
Talk: Emma's talk will focus on her work at Boeing and the use of computational tools.

Sunday 1:00pm

Matthew Rossi, Michelle Mannering & Terence Huynh
What on earth is a hackathon?!

David Jorm
Position: Senior Manager, Product Security & Technology Services at IIX
Talk: Careers in software security

Sunday 2:00pm

Javan Wood
Position: Lead iOS developer at HSK Instruments
Talk: To some it’s a dead end, to others it’s a pipe dream, but what is entrepreneurship? Get past the snake oil, find out what it’s all about and get practical tips for joining a new venture or even starting your own.

Janet Wiles
Talk: on social robotics!
Bio: Professor Janet Wiles' research interests are in: Complex systems biology, computational neuroscience, evolution of language, computational modeling methods, artificial intelligence and artificial life, human memory, language and cognition.

Elizabeth McCarthy (2nd Talk)
Position: Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland
Phenomenology: Australian Women in Tech Story


Paddy Krishnan
Position: Senior researcher at Oracle Labs, Brisbane
Talk: Research Activities at Oracle Labs, Brisbane.