Call For Presentations

Important Dates

CFP Opens – Mon 11th July 2016
CFP ClosesWed 31st August 2016 Friday 2 September 2016
Notification – by Sun 4th September 2016 – we will be sending out acceptances throughout the CFP period, so submitting earlier is better!
Conference – Sat 1st October to Mon 3rd October 2016

Topic Scope

We don’t have any strict rules - we’re after anything of interest to computing students! We are looking for presentations in the following categories:

  • Technical/Academic - Topics related to the technical and theoretical aspects of computer science, software engineering and information technology (e.g. Big Data, cloud computing, programming languages, operating systems, software development, theoretical computer science)
  • Professional Topics - Related to the ICT industry, careers and professional development (e.g. state of the industry, graduate recruitment, professional skills)
  • Research - Current research projects presented by researchers or students (undergraduate, honours or PhD)
  • Education - Developments in Computer Science Education (e.g. Massively Open Online Courses, curriculum development)

Submission Guidelines

Presentations will be either 30 or 60 minute talks, including question time. Please specify your preferred talk length in your submission.

Workshops/tutorials are 120 minute slots, and are expected to be interactive.

The Technology Demonstrations exhibition is a space for both organisations and individuals to showcase practical displays of "technology in action", allowing students to view a variety of displays, and even interact and learn in a hands-on manner. At present, the exhibition is scheduled to be approximately 90 minutes during Saturday afternoon, however the time has not been finalised and will be confirmed once schedule constraints are determined.

All speakers will receive free registration to the event. CompCon has a limited budget to cover speaker travel and accommodation expenses for speakers who are arranging their own travel – undergraduate and PhD student presenters will receive priority. Please indicate in your submission if you wish to apply for this funding.

Submission Procedure

Please email your submission to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Institution (University/Employer, if applicable)
  • Brief biography
  • Presentation title
  • Type (presentation, workshop/tutorial, demonstration), preferred time slot (30/60/120 mins)
  • Summary of proposed talk
  • Details of any demonstrations (including any equipment requirements)
  • Details of where material has been presented before (if applicable)
  • Do you wish to apply for travel funding?
  • Do you have any other special requirements?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected].

Please note that all speakers are bound by CompCon's Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions while presenting at the event. CompCon Incorporated aims to create a safe and friendly atmosphere for all attendees and will not tolerate any intimidation, harassment, and/or any abusive, discriminatory behaviour by any speakers or attendees. The use of inappropriate, derogatory, and/or offensive material during the event is strictly prohibited.